Cadbury Dairy Milk freshens up

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk has unveiled a new visual identity which will see it “given a fresh, more modern look that reflects the progressive vision of the brand’s founder, John Cadbury”.

The pack’s new look and feel includes a redrawn Cadbury wordmark, a new look for the Dairy Milk logo and a new pack design based on the original Dairy Milk packaging.

The new visual identity will start appearing on single blocks this month before rolling out across the rest of the range throughout 2021.

Pippa Rodgers, Brand Manager for Cadbury Dairy Milk, said: “The new identity is grounded in the original intent behind the brand, linking where Cadbury came from with what it means to shoppers today – a truly authentic brand and great tasting, quality chocolate.”

The new packs also give greater emphasis to Cadbury’s Cocoa Life commitment, by including a more prominent Cocoa Life logo on both sides of the packaging.

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