Imperial adapts for the post-menthol market

This information is for tobacco traders only

With the ban on flavoured tobacco products imminent, Imperial Tobacco has made several tweaks across five of its brands and launched a new product to cater for the needs of menthol cigarette smokers.

Launched under the Green Filter banner, new variants are rolling out across JPS Players, Carlton, Windsor Blue, Richmond, and Lambert & Butler ranges. Tobacco blends remain unchanged, but the new products offer a couple of features aimed at smokers transitioning from menthol.

These are a white-tipped firm filter that retains its shape and structure until the end of the smoke for a smoother, more consistent smoking experience and Reduced Smoke Smell (RSS) paper that cuts down the linger of smoke smell on clothes or fingers.

All the new SKUs are available in packs of 20 sticks with an RSP of £8.95.

Smokers can also mentholate the cigarettes themselves with Imperial’s recently launched Rizla Flavour Infusions.

JPS Bright is a brand-new addition to Imperial’s portfolio. Alongside RSS paper, it offers a premium two-piece white stream filter tip to reduce the harshness of the smoking experience. Again, these features are intended to resonate with menthol consumers, as is a new, premium Virginia tobacco blend.

JPS Bright will launch soon in super king size packs of 20 sticks with an RSP of £9.65.