HP Sauce rings the changes for Big Ben

HP Sauce has given its 225g glass bottles a cheeky makeover by adding scaffolding to the Big Ben clocktower that features prominently on its label design.

It is the first major packaging refresh for the sauce – named after the Houses of Parliament – in 123 years.

The Elizabeth Tower, to use its proper name, is currently undergoing extensive restoration work that is scheduled to finish in 2021, when the label will revert to its old self.

The tower recently celebrated its 160th birthday, an event that brand owner Kraft Heinz clearly didn’t want to miss.

The company’s Marketing Manager for UK Sauces Joel Hughes said: “With the tower being named the most instagrammable British landmark and HP sauce the only brand with the Houses of Parliament present on its product packaging, it is only fitting that we adapt our iconic glass bottle HP label design to suit its current appearance, and what better way to mark the occasion than on its 160th anniversary.

The new label features only on 255g glass bottles, which are available in outers of both 12 and 20 with an RSP of £1.39.