JUUL reveals improved pods in two strengths

New Technology JUUL Pods

US vaping brand JUUL has launched New Technology JUULpods.

The new JUULpods are available in the brand’s usual 18mg/ml strength and a new 9mg/ml strength that offers adult smokers a lower nicotine alternative. Both are compatible with the existing JUUL device.

The new technology takes the form of a cotton wick, rather than a silica wick, which JUUL says provides a more satisfying vapour experience. The new 18mg/ml JUULpod contains the same amount of nicotine as the previous JUULpod but offers more consistency puff-to puff and has the potential to deliver more nicotine per puff and more vapour depending on usage patterns.

The 18mg/ml JUULpods will continue to be the standard strength in the JUUL Starter Kit and are available in all five JUULpods refill flavours: Golden Tobacco, Glacier Mint, Mango Nectar, Royal Creme, Apple Orchard and Alpine Berry. The 9mg/ml strength will be available in the best-selling JUULpods flavours of Golden Tobacco, Glacier Mint and Mango Nectar.

John Patterson, Sales Director of JUUL Labs UK, commented: “We believe the new JUULpods will deliver a more satisfying experience to a broader range of adult smokers looking to switch.

“JUUL now offers adult smokers a choice of products, nicotine strengths and flavours that will widen its appeal and encourage a greater number of UK adult smokers to make the switch from cigarettes”.

Retailers interested in becoming a JUUL stockist can call 0808 164 1301 or email uksales@juul.com. Retailers must sign up to JUUL’s Challenge 25 policy before receiving any JUUL stock. More information on JUUL products can be found at juul.co.uk.