Plenty of pizzazz in Heritage pizza range

Heritage pizza

Nisa‘s own-label Heritage pizza range has been extended and given a packaging refresh.

The pizzas are being produced by a new supplier who, as well as introducing a selection of new varieties, has improved the five existing ones using new recipes.

Two new deep pan pizzas are now incorporated into the Heritage range – Cheese Feast and Pepperoni – as well as a stone-baked Barbecue Chicken variant.

Reaction to the new range has been positive, with testers giving all varieties the thumbs-up. The new packaging was described as “inviting” and said to give the product a “premium feel”.

The Heritage pizza range is available now to Nisa retailers. Sales for the last three weeks are up almost 50% on the previous three weeks.

Donna Barnett, Nisa’s Trading Controller said: “The sales to members since the launch of the new and refreshed range have rocketed. What an amazing result!”