GSK opens Shopper Science Lab to better understand shopper behaviour

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare has launched its Shopper Science Lab inLondon, a state-of-the art research facility providing in-depth understanding of how and why shoppers make decisions and what influences their choices.

With 10,000 sq ft filled with groundbreaking technology, the Shopper Science Lab is the biggest facility of its kind inEurope.  It is home to the world’s largest seamless touch-screen (Virtual Insight and Engagement Wall) at 5.32m wide and 2.55m high, providing full 3D visualisation of retail environments. The Pharmacy and Retail store areas recreate real life retail environments and mobile eye tracking equipment provides in-depth analysis. The first of its kind Pharmacy space enables retailers to test and evaluate shopper responses to various pharmacy displays.

Crispin Haywood, Director, Shopper Science Lab, GSK Consumer Healthcare, said: “We believe the GSK Shopper Science Lab is the most advanced shopper insight facility in the world.  GSK will generate quicker and more useful insights into shoppers’ purchasing decisions to increase profitability and category growth for both GSK and our retail partners.”

The Lab enables GSK to integrate shopper insights earlier in the product development process which will shorten lead times and improve the return on investment for GSK and retail partners. The speed at which GSK will gather insights, and virtually analyse and adapt store layouts, means that GSK and retail partners will receive instant feedback on new initiatives.

Other groundbreaking Shopper Science Lab technology includes:

  • bespoke skin and facial biometric tools to enable GSK to understand a shopper’s unconscious and emotional reactions;
  • a dedicated research control room with fixed cameras allowing remote viewing of shoppers in all the research areas and live recordings can be paused, rewound and annotated.

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