GoodnessKnows is miserable now

goodnessKNOWS shelf topper

It was aimed at health-conscious consumers, but Mars Wrigley Confectionery is giving its GoodnessKnows brand the chop due to some less than healthy sales figures.

GoodnessKnows was trumpeted as the company’s biggest launch in 20 years when it rolled out last August, with a £4.5m marketing campaign at its back.

The withdrawal is bad news for community projects; the brand planned to divert 10% of profits into a fund that supported local initiatives.

A spokesperson for Mars Wrigley said: “Sales of Goodnessknows have underperformed against our expectations since launch, so we took the difficult decision to discontinue the brand in the UK market.

“This now gives us the opportunity to focus on the strategic partnership with Kind in the UK and grow this brand at scale.”

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