Get ready for a sales spook

Halloween is back for its usual array of scares and surprises – and it brings with it a host of limited edition products from some of the best-known brands in FMCG. As retailers prepare, we take a look at some of this year’s scariest treats.

It’s always been there, hiding in the shadows, waiting for its moment to jump out and give us all a fright, but over the last few years Halloween has grown bigger and gained more prominence in both the cultural calendar and on the shelves of retailers. Every year now, many manufacturers ready limited edition products with which to gain extra sales over the period. For retailers, ensuring they know what these products are and when to get them on shelf is of huge importance if they wish to enjoy the sales lift available throughout October. So, without further ado, prepare yourself for the spookiest…

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Always a company to watch at Halloween, Haribo this year launches Tangy Monsters. Using the sour recipe from the brand’s popular Tangfastics product the tangy bag contains fun little monster shapes ideal for the occasion. Tangy Monsters are available in a 160g with an rrp of £1.27.
The range also includes popular Horror Mix which features a combination of jelly and foam treats in Halloween shapes and Spooky Ghosts is a mix of ghost shapes in orange, blackcurrant and vanilla flavours. Both Horror Mix and Spooky Ghosts are available in 160g bags with an rrp of £1.27 and in 220g bags price marked at £1, making them easy to display and execute in store.

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Irn-Bru will be available in terrifying two-litre twin-packs and 8x250ml PET trick or treat value packs, decorated with bats and pumpkins. Consumers will also be haunted by Barr ‘Scream Soda’ and ‘Creepy Cola’, with two-litre PMP family packs retailing at 99p and 330ml cans for 37p.

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Kraft Foods is introducing some creepy new treats, as well as extending its existing portfolio with gruesome new pack formats hoping to scare the cobwebs away from retailers’ tills. Cadbury Crunchy Spiders (rrp 65p) will get the spooky season off to a flyer while dual display solutions are available for Crunchy Spiders and Cadbury ‘Screme’ Eggs.

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McVities Cake Company is launching McVitie’s Spooky Sour Cake Bars, which include a purple sponge topped with a sour blackcurrant jam, covered in dark chocolate. The new limited edition variant joins the range of Halloween favourites including McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes Spooky Cake Bars and McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes Lemon & Slime Cake Bars, all packs of five at £1.65 rrp.


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