Diet Coke ‘Regrets Nothing’ with new campaign

Smiling woman holds a can of Diet Coke

Coca Cola Enterprises has launched a new multi-million pound Diet Coke campaign, called ‘Regret Nothing’, which will include TV, print, social media and PR activity.

Caroline Cater, Operational Marketing Director at CCE, said: “The ‘Regret Nothing’ campaign is an exciting initiative that is set to motivate both existing and potential new shoppers into choosing Diet Coke, helping retailers to drive sales.”

The campaign aims to inspire women to indulge their impulsive side. It follows research by Diet Coke showing that the fear of embracing your impulsive side can lead to self-restraint and regret.

Cater concluded: “This new campaign is designed to engage shoppers on an emotional level. We will support retailers through the targeted in-store POS and the advertising campaign, to encourage consumers to embrace their impulses and deliver incremental sales.”