Dairylea Snackers: cheese and biscuits for the kids

Dairylea Snackers

Mondelez has brought together its Dairylea and Oreo brands for the launch of Dairylea Snackers, a range of two new children’s snacking kits.

Dairylea Snackers contains Dairylea cheese, crackers and miniature biscuits. Two variants are offered, one featuring Mini Oreos and another with Mini Chocolate Cookies.

The launch is supported as part of a £1.3m total brand marketing investment which will include digital and in-store activity.

Rebecca Prout, Senior Brand Manager for Dairylea, commented: “We believe that combining Dairylea cheese with two popular biscuit flavours will help unlock further sales in savoury snacking, which as a category grew by 5% in 2017 and will also harness the nations’ love for Chocolate Chip Cookies!”

Both Dairylea Snackers Mini Oreo and Dairylea Snackers Mini Chocolate Cookies are available now.

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