Cutters Choice cuts out additives

This month sees BAT launch Cutters Choice with no artificial flavours. Made from a modified Virginia blend, the brand new Cutters Choice line extension is a ‘true blend’ that allows adult RYO smokers to experience its tobacco without any taste additives. The new line does include humectants however, to ensure the tobacco maintains a higher level of moisture (21.5%) than other currently available 100% additive free blends. This move comes due to a higher moisture level being preferred by adult UK RYO smokers, says the company.

BAT says the rustic look and feel of the launch campaign reflects the nature of the tobacco itself. Adult consumers can also discover the story of Cutters Choice tobacco: how it is made and what makes it different from other Virginia blends on the back of the pouch. Unlike some other traditional RYO blends, Cutters Choice A True Blend does not contain any artificial flavours.

Claire Bodiguel, OTP Brand Executive at British American Tobacco UK&I, explains: “Rolling tobacco is a personal experience. We wanted to give adult RYO smokers an insight into the creation of their preferred tobacco blend – with no artificial flavours altering the original tobacco taste. We’ve maintained the exacting standards of the Cutters Choice brand to give adult RYO smokers a new way to enjoy the taste of their preferred tobacco. We’re offering a true and honest tobacco option for discerning RYO smokers – a true blend.”

Cutters Choice – A True Blend is priced at £3.99 (parity to core range) and is available in 12.5g, PMP and Plain Pouches. The original Cutters Choice continues to be available in 12.5g (£3.99), 25g (£7.82) and 50g (£15.50) pouches.

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