The clairvoyant sign writer…

Clairvoyant advertising board

UTC, it will come as no surprise, is fond of quenching his thirst after a long day grafting at his typewriter with a wee trip to the Rhoderick Dhu pub downstairs from the office at the end of his shift (and sometime’s even at lunchtime if the boss isn’t in that day).

During one such visit he was tickled to see a blackboard outside the Roddy Dhu advertising that evening’s Celtic match against Linfield in Northern Ireland. The writer of said blackboard was clearly a clairvoyant, albeit predicting trouble at that match was always going to be a safe bet. True enough, the match descended into all sorts of dark chaos with a half bottle of Buckie thrown onto the pitch and a Celtic player goading the opposition fans at the end of the match by tying a Celtic scarf to the goalposts. But alas, or perhaps fortunately, no boxing ensued.

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