Men in tights and spuds – what’s not to like?

Ballet dancers

Perhaps betraying his working class upbringing all those eons ago, UTC has never been of a man for ballet.

He does, however, have a soft spot for a spud, so he thought he would share what must surely be one of the more random partnerships he’s come across: spud supremo Albert Bartlett and The Royal Ballet.

For reasons not entirely clear in the press release, Albert Bartlett has somehow managed to persuade The Royal Ballet to produce a version of Tchaikovsky’s ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ performed “as seed potatoes go to sleep”. The expression on the auld boy’s face when he reads that line was priceless.

The video was shot in Albert Bartlett’s factory in Jersey with the Jersey Royal seed potatoes “preparing to be tucked in themselves before being woken up in November and planted early in the New Year.” Even more unlikely, the star of the show is ballet superstar – their words, not ours – Reece Clarke who also works with the potato producer and is now first soloist with The Royal Ballet. It sounds like we’re making this up.

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