Boost the breakfast market

Belvita breakfast bar

SLR goes in search of the perfect breakfast range for Scottish convenience stores by analysing the breakfast products market, and taking a look at how breakfast lines are best merchandised in the modern convenience retailing era.

by Émer O’Toole

With mission-shopping more firmly established as a legitimate method of laying out a store than ever before, the ‘breakfast mission’ has steadily grown in importance across the Scottish local retailing market.

The breakfast occasion continues to present a huge sales opportunity for retailers. More often, consumers are looking for a sustaining breakfast that meets their needs for convenience. Products that are ‘quick’ and ‘easy to prepare’ are among the top motivations for breakfast choice, so it is important for retailers to maximise this sales opportunity by focusing on the right range of convenient products.

Porridge sales have more than doubled in the last seven years, according to Nielsen data. Quaker Oats continues to capitalise on breakfast trends, not only focusing on the growing opportunity for convenient products but also building on the popularity of the current Overnight Oats trend. The new ‘Super Goodness’ range of products will have five variants; three ‘Super Goodness Super Grains’ flavours, all of which contain wholegrain oats, red quinoa, flaxseed and barley as well as two ‘Super Goodness Super Fruits’ flavours with real pieces of fruit and added nutrients. Compelling health claims support both ranges; Super Grains contains protein, fibre, and omega 3 for a Body Boost+ while Super Fruits contains Vitamin B6, C, D and Mineral Zinc to support the immune system. And of course, both ranges contain the goodness of 100% wholegrain oats with beta-glucan which helps to lower blood cholesterol levels.

The healthier biscuits category is currently worth £485.1 million in the UK and is continuing to perform well. In 2009, Mondeléz International revolutionised the biscuits market with the launch of belVita, which introduced a new consumption occasion to the category and created the breakfast biscuits category in the UK. The belVita concept was founded on the insight that one in three people in the UK skip breakfast during the working week, the main reason being a lack of time. As a result, ‘On-the-Go’ breakfast formats present an extremely important opportunity for retailers. belVita Breakfast is available convenient single packs, in several variants: belVita Strawberry Duo Crunch, belVita Honey & Nut and belVita Crunchy Hazelnut. belVita Crunchy Hazelnut singles are thick and generously packed with pieces of wholesome and chunky hazelnuts, offering a delicious taste and a different texture to the rest of the range.

belVita Breakfast’s latest innovation, Soft Bakes Choc Chip, launched into the convenience channel this June in a single portion PMP and non-PMP formats.

There’s no doubt that breakfast is a growing shopping mission. Lunch may be bigger, but with new products and formats constantly being launched, breakfast sales are booming in c-stores.

Consumer trend: overnight oats

A simple Instagram search for #Porridge will reveal that consumers have found an exciting new way to consume oats, with ‘Overnight Oats’ fast becoming the new summertime breakfast staple. The idea is simple: consumers simply add uncooked oats, milk or yoghurt, fruit and other toppings of their choice into a container which they leave in the fridge to chill overnight. The result is a nutritious and convenient breakfast which is easy to prepare the night before and creates a delicious start to the day.

To help spread the word about the Overnight Oats sensation, Quaker Oats has teamed up with best-selling author and Instagram sensation, Deliciously Ella, to develop three new recipes including; Berry and Coconut, Hazelnut Cacao and Spiced Banana, with how-to video content, to show consumers just how simple these breakfasts are to make.

Duncan adds: “Overnight Oats offer the perfect solution for the summer months and mean that demand for oats is set to explode during the summer! Not only are they quick and simple to prepare, they are also tasty and nutritious. Deliciously Ella is known for her healthy-eating recipes and with a large social media following, she is the perfect partner for Quaker Oats and we are sure that her inspirational recipes will be a tremendous hit with shoppers.”