Aussie fave Caramilk hits UK

Cadbury Caramilk

Already a firm favourite in Australia, where shoppers have reportedly queued outside stores to get their hands on a bar, Cadbury Caramilk is launching in the UK.

Available in depot from early July, the new bars are made with a golden blend of smooth-textured caramelised white chocolate, sourced from 100% sustainable cocoa.

They will roll out in cases of 26 x 80g tablets (RSP £1) and cases of 36 x 37g singles (RSP 69p). Both will be available in plain and price-marked packs.

The launch will be supported with PR, social media and in-store activity. A range of point-of-sale materials will also be available.

Mondelez said the new bars should be ranged in retailer’s designated confectionery fixtures alongside existing single and tablet chocolate bars. For further merchandising advice retailers can visit

Beatrice Berutti, Brand Manager at Mondelez, commented: “Following outstanding results during concept testing, we’re excited to announce that Cadbury is launching its Cadbury Caramilk bar in the UK this summer, allowing shoppers up to indulge in a unique treat.

“Known to be a much-loved classic chocolate in Australia, Cadbury Caramilk is sure to be a hit in the growing chocolate market.”

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