Müller launches new dairy dessert

Muller pud corner

Müller Corner has announced the launch of Müller Püd Corner, a dairy dessert – not a yoghurt – made with over 75% skimmed milk, and a choice of three crunchy toppings.

Consumers can choose from the chocolate dairy dessert with milk and white chocolate coated crispy balls, toffee flavour dairy dessert with milk chocolate digestive pieces, and chocolate dairy dessert with crunchy white chocolate coated flakes.

The variants are available in four-packs with an rrp of £2.49 per pack and are on shelf now.

“Müller Püd Corner is a fantastic and delicious new addition to the Corner range which offers something for everyone,” said Michael Inpong, Chief Marketing Officer for Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller. “And we’re delighted to have brand ambassador Nicole Scherzinger on board for the third year to help us spread the message of Püd Corner’s Müllerliciousness!”