Wooha finds buyer

Wooha beer

Wooha Brewing Company, which was in administration, has been sold to North Coast Brewing Co for an undisclosed sum.

The deal adds to the portfolio run by Kenny Webster which includes Isle of Skye Brewing Co and Black Wolf Brewery together with several artisan beer brands and links with key trade, wholesale and export markets.

Isle of Skye brewing has been trading since 1995 and supplies supermarkets and pub groups as well as customers abroad.

Founded in 2015, Wooha sold a range of craft beers with brand names such as ‘Hop Stampede’ and ‘Jenny from the Bock’. The business had invested in a 16,000sq ft facility in Kinloss, Morayshire and was developing its sales both in the UK and overseas when the shutdown of the hospitality industry during the coronavirus outbreak burdened it with unsustainable cashflow problems.

North Coast Brewing Director Kenny Webster commented: “We have ambitious plans to grow, and the acquisition provides us with access to high quality production facilities, a range of quality brands and an established network of trade and consumer customers.

“We hope to restart brewing at our new site very soon and, as the business develops, we hope to create a number of new jobs. We will keep Wooha’s customers updated via social media.”