Walkers makes it meaty

Walkers Meaty Mix-ups

Walkers is adding more variety to its Mix Ups portfolio with a new Meaty addition.

The new flavour is available now in a sharing format (rrp £1.99), and contains a medley of Doritos, Monster Munch, Wotsits and French Fries.

Within the first eleven months of launching, Walkers Mix Ups drove 14.4% penetration to the market, and Thomas Barkholt, Marketing Director at PepsiCo, thinks the new addition will continue driving growth within savoury snacking.

He added: “Walkers is committed to developing new and innovative products, and we know that consumers like to ‘mix it up’. We know that flavour choice is key for our shoppers, so we’re eager to introduce this new flavour to the sharing segment and continue to help boost sales.”