UWS deep cleans depots

Deep cleaning warehouse

United Wholesale (Scotland) has prepared for the potential easing of lockdown restrictions by deep cleaning its depots using bio-fogging technology more commonly seen in hospitals.

Specialist contractor PSS Group carried out the procedure using specialised hand-held devices to deliver a disinfectant solution in a mist form. All of United’s three depots have now been successfully decontaminated during closing hours to reduce the risk to customers or staff.

Chris Gallacher, MD of United Wholesale (Scotland), said: “Our depots have remained open during the coronavirus crisis and we have introduced many safety measures to protect our customers, including social distancing.

“We want to do everything we can to not only protect our workforce and customers, but to help drive down coronavirus cases and care for our NHS. Deep cleaning is a sensible plan for all businesses ahead of the easing of lockdown restrictions and provides reassurance to customers using the premises.”

Mohammad Rajak, owner of Day-Today Bridgeton, added: “It’s fantastic to hear UWS is taking safety of its customers and keyworkers seriously. The recent deep clean at its depot with fog technology gives us that much needed confidence and that added layer of security whilst shopping at any of their three warehouses.”