TUC shrinks for sharing

TUC minis

Pladis has launched a new TUC Minis range, available in TUC Original and TUC Mini Cheese flavours.

Both variants are available now in cases of 12 x 200g packs (RSP £1.39).

The new range is an attempt by TUC to tap into the evening sharing occasion.

Graham Phelan, TUC UK Brand Manager at pladis, commented: “With TUC Minis we’re looking to target consumption moments which are centered around the popular sharing occasion. We see this as a huge opportunity as people cherish the emotional experience of time spent together with friends and family. TUC is already a successful family favourite brand growing 7% year-on-year, and the new minis range will add a fresh approach for retailers’ shelves going into 2018.”

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