Tropicana offers Immune Support to health-conscious shoppers

Tropicana Immune Support

Tropicana is growing its ‘Tropicana Essentials’ range with new flavour Immune Support.

The new variant, which the brand says meets consumer demand for functional benefits, launches at a time when health and wellness are at the forefront of shoppers’ minds and contains a blend of carrot, orange, pineapple and ginger.

It is available from this January in 750ml (RSP £2.99) and 330ml (RSP £1.99) formats.

The brand is also investing in its core range for 2019, adding three new flavours to its line-up: Apple, Raspberry & Redcurrant; Apple, Pear & Apricot; and Watermelon & Starfruit.

The new flavours will be accompanied by refreshed packaging, which increased purchase intent by 21% in early testing. The new look encourages recycling with on-pack information and guidance.

All three are also available from January in 850ml (RSP £3.11) packs. The Watermelon & Starfruit variant will also be offered in a 300ml format (RSP £1.61).

Caroline Wilding, Marketing Manager for Tropicana at PepsiCo UK, commented: “Functional juice is the fastest-growing segment within chilled fruit juice and Tropicana Essentials has established itself as a beacon brand, attracting shoppers to the fixture and helping them better understand what functional juices can offer.”