Scotland inspires new small footprint reverse vending machine

Tomra M1 reverse vending machine

Scottish retailers have inspired the design of a new compact machine from reverse vending specialist TOMRA.

Visiting stores in Scotland, TOMRA saw many retailers would face a challenge with space and listened to industry feedback as talks on a Scottish deposit return scheme (DRS) gathered pace.

It has now created a new compact machine, the ‘TOMRA M1’ concept, inspired by Scottish retailer feedback. The M1 is scheduled to enter production before the Scottish Government officially launches a DRS (expected in 2021).

Truls Haug, Managing Director for TOMRA Collection Solutions UK & Ireland, said: “We are extremely proud of the TOMRA M1 which was born out of visits to Scottish stores alongside retailers.

“It has been specially designed with smaller retailers in mind. We asked store owners about any concerns they had about participating in a deposit return scheme and there were two in particular – space and cost.

“As a result, the TOMRA M1 concept is space efficient; it can handle all three materials that are likely to be included in the Scottish DRS system – glass, PET bottles and cans; and it does so for an affordable price.”