Swizzels unveils Drumstick Chocolate

Swizzels Drumstick Chocolate

Swizzels has revealed plans for a national roll out of its first ever Drumstick chocolate bar – a  category first for the confectioner.

The company has adapted its 60-year-old Drumstick lolly flavour and combined it with milk chocolate. The result is a chocolate bar filled with a raspberry and milk fondant centre and real raspberry pieces.

Cases of 20 x 100g plain packs (RSP £1) are available from wholesalers now and a £1 price-marked pack will follow a little later in the year. Packaging is 100% recyclable.

Jeremy Dee, Managing Director at Swizzels, said: ‘‘Drumstick Chocolate has certainly generated a real buzz and proven to have great talkability. People have been very interested and excited to try the product, and consumer feedback has been very positive. We’re certainly confident that Drumstick Chocolate will add interest to the chocolate bar category this year.’’

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