STG puts the Breaks on

Scandinavian Tobacco Group UK Limited has announced the launch of Break Little Cigars. According to STG, the new product fits a new sub-category of Super Value For Money (SVFM) Cigars that will allow retailers to offer their customers a cheaper, alternative smoke to VFM cigarettes.

The range will be available in three variants; Silver (smooth flavour), Blue (full flavour) and Menthol. Priced at £4.59 for 17, they offer the cheapest price per stick at only 27p per smoke within both the Cigar and Cigarette categories. They also offer retailers double digit margins.

The range will be sold in a hard box format and colour coded making them easy to find on shelf.  Break Little Cigars will also be available in both non-price marked packs and price marked packs for retailers, offering them flexibility to offer visible value for money on shelf, where available. They consist of a small cigar with an inbuilt filter with an Ecuador wrapper made of natural tobacco leaf to ensure a milder taste than most machine made cigars.

Alan Graham, Head of Marketing at STG UK, commented: “During the last three years, we have seen Little Cigars become incredibly popular in Europe. So popular in fact that they are now the fastest growing tobacco sub-category in Europe with 3.45bn sold in 2013. We expect this trend to continue in the years to come as price continues to be a focus for many smokers which is why we are launching this new sub-category into the UK market.  As a Super Value For Money range, which is cheaper than the cheapest cigars and cigarettes on the market, Break Little Cigars directly respond to this trend with a contemporary proposition that will hold great appeal for price sensitive smokers.”

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