Standards guide into e-cig manufacture published

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A guide has been published on standards in the manufacturer of Electronic Cigarettes, in what is hoped will help retailers weed out inferior products in the marketplace.

The new guide has been developed by the British Standards Institute in collaboration with the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA).

The guide is called the ‘PAS 54115 Vaping products, including electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, e-shisha and directly-related products – Manufacture, importation, testing and labelling – Guide’.

Anne Hayes, Head of Market Development for Governance & Risk at BSI, said: “Vaping is fast becoming the alternative to the harmful practice of smoking. Therefore any vaping product which is a substitute to smoking and works by being ingested, has to be safe. It is essential that guidance such as PAS 54115 exists to establish this. It not only provides reassurance to regulators, it ensures that product safety and quality is maintained across batches and can be reliably demonstrated with documentary evidence.”

PAS 54115 gives guidance on:

  • The manufacture, importation, labelling, marketing and sale of vaping products (VP) including electronic cigarettes, e-shisha, DIY e-liquid mixing kits, and directly related products
  • Purity of e-liquid ingredients in manufacture, contaminants arising from device materials and potential emissions from device operation, electrical safety, and metals and carbonyls in emissions
  • Test solution liquid and an outline for the toxicological and chemical analysis of emissions
  • The safety of batteries and chargers.

The guidance refers to existing equipment and manufacturing standards already in place which are relevant to this sector. It is applicable to producers and distributors of vaping products in the UK, and the BSI says it forms a guide for commercial operations in this sector.

PAS 54115 does not cover vaping products which are licensed as medicinal products or medical devices or “Heat not burn” or other tobacco products.

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