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UTC on a stairlift
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Very few people can take personal offence at a press release presumably circulated to every magazine in the UK, but the auld yin is one of the few. Pretty much anything can get his angina twitching: like a warm pint tumbler at the Rhoddie Dhu, a cold sausage roll from Greggs or, in this instance, an email from stairlift manufacturer Acorn.

Presumably assuming that the mass email was directed at him personally, UTC took the hump at the suggestion he might be interested in said stairlift for his home, not least because he lives in a flat. Apparently a survey by the Centre of Ageing found that the 20.4% of the UK’s 65.6m population is over the age of 65 and that many organisations are “unprepared to employ an ageing workforce.”

According to the Centre of Ageing, old folk can bring many benefits to a business [Ed – really? Give me a for instance], although they also bring a number of challenges. A robust debate ensued and that conclusion was that the difficulty UTC had getting back up the stairs to the office after another of his infamous liquid lunches had nothing to do with being old – although a stairlift might still come in handy.

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