SLR’s weekly quiz

Friday 5

Get your thinking caps on. It’s time for five questions based on stories posted this week on the SLR website.

Best of luck! 

1. Tetley has unveiled a £5m campaign to promote its range of Super Teas. What is the name of the superhero who appears in the TV ad?

Tetley's new superhero



2. Jacob’s Creek is adding a neck band to its bottles, celebrating the number of awards it has won over the last 40 years. Averaged out, this equates to:

Jacob's Creek


3. Britvic announced a 2017 relaunch for R Whites lemonade this week. Who composed and sang the “I’m a secret lemonade drinker” song that featured in the genius 1973 commercial?

R White's range


4. Sticking with R Whites, its new range contains up to 3.9g of sugar per 100 ml. Which band of the proposed levy on soft drinks does this fall into?

Measuring stomach


5. Ginsters has launched its 2016 festive range, but I bet you didn’t know that the brand’s head of communications has a relative position in her name. She is:

Ginsters' Festive Range