ScotGov consults on energy drink sales restrictions

energy drinks

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on banning sales of energy drinks to young people under the age of 16.

The consultation, launched by Minister for Public Health Joe Fitzpatrick, welcomes the leadership shown by many retailers in controlling the sale of energy drinks to children. It aims to ask whether this is enough and, whether mandatory measures are now needed. And if so, how they might best be framed. This includes asking what the most appropriate age for any restrictions would be.

Scottish Grocers Federation said it will take a “constructive and open-minded approach” to the consultation.

SGF Head of Public Affairs John Lee commented: “In our view a voluntary approach to the sale of energy drinks has worked well. There is an ever-growing list of age restricted products and a mandatory approach will place more pressure on retailers and add to the overall compliance burden. Additionally, effective enforcement would be a huge issue given the lack of resource available to Trading Standards.”

SGF will fully consult its members as part of the process to submit a response to the consultation, which closes on 4 February 2020.