Red Bull launches first flavour variants

Red Bull has announced its first flavour extensions in the UK with the launch of Red Bull Special Editions; three new flavours with the same functional benefits of Red Bull Energy Drink. The Red Edition (Cranberry), Silver Edition (Lime) and Blue Edition (Blueberry), will be available in Q1 2013 and the company says they will give retailers a real opportunity to drive incremental sales

Red Bull says the launch will help drive the Sports & Energy category by addressing the “number one category barrier of taste, bringing in new shoppers to the category by offering a range of popular flavours from the market leading brand.”

Test research found that Red Bull Special Editions score highly with consumers, with 80% of people saying they not only like the products but also intend to purchase.

Research has also shown that the number one pre-trial appeal for consumers is having a variety of the right flavours so retailers are advised to stock all three flavours to maximise the sales opportunity. Red Bull Special Editions should be merchandised together on shelf next to Red Bull Energy in the order of Red, Silver & Blue for maximum standout.

The launch of Red Bull Special Editions has already been a hit in Europe and in Germany (a similar size market to the UK), 22 million cans have been sold in just 6 months.

Gavin Lissimore, Red Bull Strategy and Planning Manager commented: “The launch of Red Bull Special Editions is a really exciting piece of activity for us and one that we expect will add value to the category and drive profits for retailers. We know that some consumers don’t buy into the category because they don’t like the taste of energy drinks so by offering them a range of new flavours, using the strength of the Red Bull brand will deliver against these concerns and ultimately drive penetration into the category.”

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