Red Bull hopes Orange has appeal

Red Bull Orange Edition

Red Bull is extending its Editions range with the launch of a new flavour: Red Bull Orange Edition.

It follows the introduction of Red Bull Tropical Edition, which was the biggest new Energy SKU to launch in 2015, and also became the UK’s best-selling Edition. The brand aims to replicate this success with Orange Edition and drive momentum across the range, which is currently growing at over 30%.

Gavin Lissimore, Red Bull Head of Category Marketing, commented: “Orange is the number one soft drinks flavour, and crucial within the Sports & Energy sector where it accounts for over 40% of flavoured drinks sold. Red Bull Orange Edition delivers one of the best tastes in the Energy market, as well as significant stand-out on shelf, helping deliver increased sales for the brand, the category and our customers.“

The launch is being supported by a comprehensive marketing campaign leveraging the brand’s social media presence and a sampling programme.

Red Bull Orange Edition rolls out from March in 250ml cans, with a £1.19 PMP also available.