Red Bull gives you… a new cartoon

Santa flying with presents

Red Bull is bringing back its cartoon advertising this Christmas with a brand new campaign.

The new ad is airing for six weeks on TV, online and in cinemas. It will be seen by 78% of 16-34 year olds an average of 4.3 times during the campaign.

The cartoon sees Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve as they wait for him to arrive, only to be surprised when he flies out of the house carrying the presents on his back after drinking a can of Red Bull, leaving them behind.

To support the ad in the lead up to Christmas week, the brand is targeting shoppers through a range of shopper marketing, available specifically to independent retailers and symbol stores, including FSDUs and bus-stops on shelf.

With an estimated 12 million people driving to see friends and family in the three days before Christmas, Red Bull is also highlighting Christmas specific messaging at petrol forecourts and motorway service stations, including gondola end, sidewing and FSDU features.

The brand is supporting in-store activity with out-of-home proximity advertising, featuring tailored messaging around key Christmas frustrations, such as getting work completed before the break or the in-laws coming to stay.

Gavin Lissimore, Head of Category Marketing commented: “Christmas can be a busy and stressful time of year and there are many occasions where a boost of energy can help consumers power through, whether it’s for work, long drives or just making the most of the party season. We’re targeting consumers at multiple touchpoints to make Red Bull the number one choice during the festive season.”