Quail Digital becomes ACS trusted supplier

Using a Quail Digital headset

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) has welcomed digital team communications specialist Quail Digital to its club of trusted suppliers.

With a proven track record in improving team efficiency and safety within the retail environment, Quail Digital’s high quality digital headsets facilitate improved levels of communication, creating calmer, safer, more productive working environments to ensure better customer engagement. With a global client base, retailers such as Aldi, Lidl and Superdrug use Quail’s solutions to provide an enhanced staff and customer experience on the shop floor.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Quail Digital’s technology has helped these retailers keep staff and customers safe, by improving communication throughout the entire retail estate whilst ensuring compliance with social distancing guidelines. In addition, Quail’s multi-channel digital headsets have helped retailers make better use of shop floor space, helping co-workers to easily answer customer questions despite reduced staff numbers.

Quail Digital boss Tom Downes said: “Staff shouldn’t have to feel alone and as an employer, you want to help them to feel secure in their role, to perform their best. Quail Digital’s professional wireless headset systems allow real-time team communication for the members of the ACS. Your staff will be able to give customers a better experience – solving queries, seeking assistance and locating stock quicker when they are using headsets. They will also be safer because they are in constant contact with co-workers and with options to alert a silent alarm from their headset if they need help from security, managers or other colleagues.

“We are delighted to join the ACS as a trusted supplier to the convenience store sector, and are committed to supporting you, as retailers, at a difficult economic time.”

Find out more about Quail Digital’s offering for the convenience sector.

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