Put It To The Test: Rockstar Supersourz

When AG announced the launch of Rockstar Supersourz we pursed our lips in anticipation. The Rockstar range of energy drinks is a consistent performer for local retailers, and with its new flavour, AG Barr was confident these sales could grow even further. So with this in mind we put it to the test in Woodlands Local, and the results speak for themselves. Priced at 99p, the product was an instant hit – replicating the success of AG Barr’s Bubblegum cans. “Some new launches can take a while to bed in, but this started flying off the shelves the day we started selling it,” says store manager Gerry Begley (pictured with can). “Rockstar is a well-performing range and I’d advice any retailer who hasn’t got it to stock it to find some space in their chiller.”

For more information about Rockstar Sourz, visit www.agbarr.co.uk


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