PayPoint unveils predictive text for parcel barcodes

PayPoint One terminal

PayPoint has launched predictive text for parcel barcodes, a service improvement that claims to significantly reduce the amount of time spent by retailers manually keying in barcodes or the ECP numbers found on eBay parcels.

The new feature means that when a retailer manually types in a barcode/ECP code that won’t scan, the terminal automatically completes the code once enough digits have been entered to trigger recognition.

Parcel codes can be anywhere from 11 to 16 characters long depending on the carrier, but PayPoint’s innovation can cut this down to as little as three manually typed characters before it recognises and auto-populates the field.

Peace of mind is an added benefit as the retailer knows that the parcel is in the store as it’s recognised by the terminal. The feature also reduces potential errors, as the code won’t be recognised if not typed in correctly.

Gary Winter, Parcels Director at PayPoint, commented: “The launch of predictive text for parcels is just one of the many ways we are continuing to innovate and transform the services we offer to our convenience partners. Not only will this feature help retailers to manage their parcels more efficiently, but will also lead to a reduction in customer waiting times.”

Retailers who are interested in joining the Collect+ network can learn more by visiting or by calling 01707 537 014.

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