PayPoint keen to restore relationship with NFRN after positive meeting

Nick Wiles

PayPoint boss Nick Wiles (pictured) has vowed to reinvigorate his company’s relationship with the NFRN after meeting its National President Stuart Reddish.

Afterwards, Reddish described the meeting, which took place on 7 April, as “positive and constructive.”

He added that PayPoint and the NFRN would work together on ways to help members make and save money and make it easier to do business together.

Reddish said: “The meeting was called so the NFRN could share our members’ concerns. Mr Wiles listened carefully and stressed that he was keen to restore the relationship between PayPoint and the NFRN.

“I will now be working on a plan that meets with the Federation’s ethos to help make and save members money and make it easier for them to do business with PayPoint.”

PayPoint’s interim Corporate Affairs and Marketing Director Steve O’Neill and Head Of Retail Proposition Anthony Sappor were also in attendance.

The meeting was a follow up to one earlier in the year after PayPoint announced it was increasing its monthly service fee to its retailers by 1.4%. This increase took effect from this month.