JTI cuts Kensitas Club RYO price

Kensitas Club Rolling Tobacco

JTI has cut the price of its Kensitas Club Rolling Tobacco in Scotland with RSPs of £11.95 for 30g 3-in-1, giving the range the lowest RSP for a 3-in-1 rolling tobacco product in the UK, as well as £19.60 for 50g pouch formats.

With Kensitas Club the fastest-growing cigarette brand in Scotland, JTI’s move reflects consumer demand for value RYO tobacco, which is currently leading the RYO Price Sector with a 50.1% market share.

Retailers can benefit from a 15% POR offer in selected wholesalers.

Ross Hennessy, Head of Sales at JTI UK, commented: “We know that for many existing adult smokers, price is a key factor when deciding what brand to purchase. By repositioning the Kensitas Club Rolling Tobacco range in Scotland, it will allow retailers to capitalise on the brand’s momentum and success over the past 100 years, as well as tap into the growing RYO segment which now generates sales of £3.7 billion a year. We’re confident that the price drop will provide Scottish retailers with an even more competitive product for existing adult smokers and drive incremental sales.”

For more information on Kensitas Club or any other JTI product, retailers should speak to their local JTI Sales Representative or call the help desk on 0800 163503. Retailers can also visit jtiadvance.co.uk for further information.