Older generation out of touch with contactless

Paying by contactless card

Despite the huge surge in the number of payments made using contactless technology, almost one-third (31%) of people never make a contactless payment as they don’t trust it. That’s the main finding of a UK-wide survey conducted by Future Thinking and Toluna.

Unsurprisingly, it is the younger generation who are the keenest to embrace the latest payment method with only 22% of under-35’s never paying by contactless. This sits in stark contrast to the over-55 age group, where almost half of respondents (43%) shun the technology.

Future Thinking’s Senior Research Director, Noreen Kinsey, thinks things are only going to get worse for the baby boomers. “As with all new technologies there is still some reluctance, particularly amongst older age groups, who may be further isolated as we move towards mobile pay and other tech-enabled purchase solutions.”

The survey also found men to be more suspicious than women, with 35% of men never paying by contactless compared to 29% of females.

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