Nisa throws three more sausages on the barbie

Nisa Heritage sausages

Heritage, Nisa’s own-label brand, has doubled its range of sausage lines in time for the summer barbecue season.

The Gourmet sausage line now boasts six varieties for consumers to choose from, up from the three previously available. As well as expanding the range, the existing varieties have also been improved with upgraded recipes.

The three new lines in the Gourmet range are Pork & Apple, Pork & Onion and Pork Chipolatas.

The previous Pork and Cumberland Gourmet sausages have been improved, while the Pork & Herb line has been replaced with the more popular Lincolnshire variety.

The pricing of £3 per pack or Buy Two for £5 has been maintained.

Heritage Brand Manager at Nisa, Tracey Redfearn, said: “I am so delighted with the extended Gourmet sausage range. These really are exceptional quality sausages and at this fantastic price they are within everybody’s price bracket meaning nobody will miss out on such a tasty treat.”

Andy Cowin, Nisa’s Trading Controller for meat and poultry, added: “We work hard to secure the highest quality meat products whilst also ensuring retailers are getting a good deal. The multibuy deal drives sales value and also delivers great cash margins for retailers.”