Nisa retailer delivers results in Glasgow

Retailer Daniall Nadeem, owner of a Nisa Local in the outskirts of Glasgow, says the store’s home delivery service continues to grow despite the relaxation of restrictions.

Nadeem’s Motherwell Road store has been working with Snappy Shopper since January 2020 and was one of the first convenience stores to launch the service. Over the past two years, sales have grown from a handful of online daily orders to around 50 a day.

He said: “Orders have gone up week-on-week since we launched, and we are still seeing that growth.

“We launched before Covid really hit but when it did that had a big impact on demand with more than 100 deliveries coming in every day at one point. We have lost about 10% of those sales, but have managed to hold on to most of the new delivery customers since Covid and we’re still getting new customers all the time through the Snappy app.”

The increased demand for delivery has seen the need for a change in operations at the store with staff members now dedicated to managing and picking the orders coming in via Snappy Shopper, as well as decisions on range and pricing determined by the anticipated interest from online customers.

Daniall said: “Last Easter we had a massive amount of seasonal product in the store and then Covid came along. Shoppers were not coming in because of the rules on shopping for essentials only and I was really worried about losing the sales. But I listed it on Snappy and the entire promotional bay sold in a matter of days. Now I buy pallets of products especially for Snappy and promote it online – it works really well.

Daniall said his main focus remains on the store itself with walk-in customers the priority, but the delivery service available is an added extra for those unable or unwilling to go to the shop in person.

“Snappy is a good bolt-on for us. It’s an added service we offer but we are here for our customers who are walking in because without them the store can’t run.”