Nisa makes bumper foodbank deposit

Nisa stock for foodbank

Donations of food from Nisa’s annual trade show in Stoneleigh has led to more than 6,000 meals provided to people struggling to feed themselves in nearby Coventry.

Once again, Nisa teamed up with the Trussell Trust to ensure as much product as possible from the retail exhibition went to those most in need.

Large quantities of stock from Nisa’s Store of the Future Evolution shop and produce from many of the suppliers’ stands were collected at the close of the two-day exhibition, which was held from April 10 to 11.

This year saw the collection for Coventry Foodbank hit 3,165kg, equating to 4,795 meals whilst a second local charity, Anesis, collected a further 950kg which created 1,439 meals. The total donation reached 4,115kg across the two charities, equivalent to 6,234 meals.

Hugh McNeill, Coventry Foodbank Project Manager, said: “We had a fantastic collection and managed to get all the food out to our foodbank centres and other supporting charities in the city.

“The collection has become a vital part of our food provision in April and gives us a substantial donation of stock leading up to summer time.

“We are indebted to Nisa for their ongoing support and allowing us to partner with them each year.”