New Remix flavour ‘no-brainer’ for Vimto

Vimto Remix

Vimto Remix is back with a brand-new flavour – Raspberry, Orange and Passionfruit – available exclusively to the wholesale and convenience channels.

The new variant, which also contains No Added Sugar, is offered in a 500ml RTD £1 PMP format.

Ed Jones, Senior Customer Marketing Manager, explained: “500ml RTD formats have been hugely popular across the Vimto range, growing 26% year-on-year. Raspberry, Orange and Passionfruit has been the most popular Remix variant in the squash format, so introducing it to the 500ml RTD format really was a no-brainer.

“Time and again we’ve seen how important PMPs are in building trust between retailers and their shoppers – and ultimately in driving sales. We’re confident the new product will help contribute further growth to the category.”

To support the launch, Vimto has created a range of POS for both in-depot and in-store use and will be targeting teens with an “explosive” marketing campaign.