New flavour and packaging for Roses

Cadbury Roses

Cadbury Roses has revealed an updated packaging design and new addition to its range.

The carton shape includes a new lid for easier sharing, and the ‘Thank you’ messaging has also made a reappearance.

In addition to the design, the chocolate wrapping itself has been refreshed to address consumer complaints. In 2014, the number one complaint on Cadbury Roses was chocolates becoming unwrapped in the box and affecting the other chocolate flavours. To address this, a new ‘flow-wrap’ around each chocolate aims to overcome these problems, keeping the chocolates fresher for longer and ensuring none accidentally unwrap in the box.

Cadbury Roses is also introducing a new addition to the range, Almond Caramel Bite, which offers chewy caramel with a taste of almond.

Benazir Barlet-Batada, Marketing Manager for Cadbury, commented: “We’re constantly evolving our much-loved Cadbury products to deliver the most delicious taste experience for consumers. The new Cadbury Roses design is in direct response to consumer demand, and accompanied by the delicious new Almond Caramel Bite, we’re confident the changes will be incredibly well received.”