Milk, two sugars and a bloodthirsty grin

Every day at 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, and every hour on the hour after that, UTC stops what he’s doing and has a brew. This is usually enjoyed on a chair, maybe in front of a table. So, fair play to STV news anchor John MacKay and sports presenter Raman Bhardwaj have hosted the world’s scariest tea party in aid of the STV Appeal 2012.
They didn’t just make a pot in an old abandoned house, no, John and Raman got their wetsuits on  to share a brew with seven Sand Tiger sharks at Deep Sea World, including Tinkerbell, the largest shark at over 12 feet long and weighing 30 stone.
The STV Appeal 2012 is encouraging people to put the kettle on to raise money for children and young people affected by poverty in Scotland.  UTC is happy enough to do that, but he’s not getting into a shark pool. Those days are over.

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