New Mentos is both chewy and fresh

Mentos Chewy & Fresh

Mentos has launched Chewy & Fresh, a brand-new range of chewy mints.

Perfetti van Melle (PVM) has introduced the two-strong range for the on-the-go consumer, with resealable bottles that contain 90 mints.

Differing from traditional Mentos mints, the candy pieces bottle are more compact to give a stronger minty experience, and come in Peppermint and Lemon Mint flavours.

Mark Roberts, PVM Trade Marketing Manager, advised: “Retailers should ensure that their range is fully stocked and kept neat and tidy to boost refreshment sales, as shoppers can often be overwhelmed by the amount of variations on offer.

“Our Mentos POS is also effective for encouraging people to try the new formats and flavours.”

Mentos Fresh & Chewy (99g) is available now in outers of six with an RSP of £1.70 per pack.

For further information call 01753 442100 or visit