Maltesers goes big on Buttons

Maltesers Buttons

Mars Wrigley Confectionery has announced the launch of Maltesers Buttons, a new flat format for the UK’s fourth-largest confectionery brand.

The move from sphere to disc means Maltesers Buttons will have a higher ratio of chocolate to malt than core Maltesers. This, according to Mars Wrigley, will provide “a more indulgent bitesize eating experience for consumers, while still retaining the brand’s characteristics of being deliciously crunchy”.

With the buttons format most popular to those aged 16-44, Mars Wrigley hopes to introduce a younger demographic to the Maltesers brand. As part of this strategy to attract younger audiences, the Maltesers Buttons launch will be backed by a £1.3m digital-only media spend on channels like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Set to hit shops in mid-July, Maltesers Buttons will be available across the following SKUs:

  • 32g Singles – RSP 66p
  • 68g Treat Bag – RSP £1.19
  • 93g Pouch – RSP £2.09
  • 159g More to Share – RSP £3.29

Mars Wrigley has produced a full suite of POS and will also provide prefilled units to help drive impulse sales.

Lauren George, Brand and Trade PR Manager, Mars Wrigley Confectionery said retailers should be sure to stock up to capitalise on the media spend and maximise growth.