Making confectionery count


Selling confectionery isn’t hard. You put it on the shelf and customers buy it. Selling more confectionery isn’t as easy – that requires hard work and innovation but the results can be worth it and SLR is on hand to help.

Improving confectionery sales can be one of the first places to start when looking to boost overall store revenue. As one of the most frequently purchased categories, getting customers to shop the confectionery fixture more often, and pick up impulse purchases at different areas as they shop for other items in other categories, is crucial.
The current trend for Big Night In is feeding this sales growth – bitesize confectionery grew by 7.7% over the last year. It’s not just in sharing formats that we’re seeing increases though. Chocolate ‘bar’ products grew by 4.2%, proving that whatever way you add it up, confectionery sales are on the increase. Over the following pages we look at what suppliers have planned to boost sales, plus we’ll cast an eye over the latest new product launches.

Cadbury’s top 10 confectionery tips
1. Focus on the best selling lines
2. In addition to the main fixture, have secondary sites featuring confectionery and include a range in the ‘till zone’
3. Have a range that covers all need states: self eat, sharing and gifting confectionery
4. Understand where the ‘central point of vision’ is located on your main fixture
5. Place best sellers in the best selling area (‘central point of vision’)
6. Only dual face the very top sellers, and only where space allows
7. Use manufacturers’ point of sale material
8. Make the most of brand investment – have displays in store when consumers will be most aware of products as a result of advertising or media investment
9. Don’t forget the basics; keep fully stocked and keep the display tidy
10. Group products with similar attributes adjacent to each other (e.g ‘containing nuts’).

Haribo pushes new treats
Starmix and Tangfastics, Haribo’s top selling bagged treats, are offering consumers an extra tasty reason to purchase this summer. Blue’bear’ies join Starmix, while Watermelon flavour slices join Tangfastics.

Retro sales success
Swizzels Matlow, the makers of Love Hearts, Parma Violets and Drumstick Lollies, has launched a new ‘Flashback to10p’ collection. The “recession proof” range contains of a host of brands that were previously priced at 13p. The products feature updated bold designs with the new price point clearly featured. The Drumstick range, established in 1957, has been refreshed with a revised modern twist, maintaining the iconic colours and feel of the original logo.The 10p selection consists of the following products – Drumstick chew bars and lollies, New Refreshers chew bars, Fun Gums, Rainbow Drops, Wine Gummies and Fizzy Wine Gummies and Mega Rainbow Dust.
Swizzels Matlow aren’t the only company to think shoppers are looking to the past for sweet treats, and retailers can help their sales by ensuring they deliver in this area. Adrian Hipkiss, Marketing Manager at Tangerine Confectionery, says: “Retro sweets such as the well-known Sherbet Fountain, Wham bar, Sherbet Dip Dab, Fruit Salad and Black Jack, continue to sell well as they evoke a sense of nostalgia amongst older sweet eaters as well as providing parents with the reassurance of a tried and trusted product when choosing for their children.

Putting a twist on Tic Tac
Tic Tac, the pocket confectionery brand from Ferrero, is launching Spearmint Twist, a refreshing new addition to its popular range. Featuring white and mint-green Tic Tac drops of different flavour intensities. Spearmint Twist is available in 18g single pack, rrp 55p, and the 49g 100 pack, rrp £1.25. Tic Tac is currently experiencing +12% growth.

Cadbury Crunchums
Cadbury has launched a new bitesize product featuring crispy cereal bites, coated in Cadbury chocolate. Cadbury Crunchums will be supported by a £1.3m UK marketing investment in 2013, including outdoor advertising, sampling, PR, social media, digital campaigns and in-store activity. Cadbury Crunchums are available nationwide and the 105g bag is priced at rrp £2.03.

Top 10 Large Pouch Lines

  • Maltesers
  • Galaxy Minstrels
  • Cadbury Giant Buttons large
  • M&M’s
  • Revels
  • Cadbury Giant Buttons handy
  • Cadbury Twirl Bites
  • Galaxy Counters
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk
  • Milky Way

Maltesers Teasers
Launched in March 2013, Maltesers Teasers saw the well-known brand launch in a block format for the first time. Produced in Mars Chocolate’s birthplace of Slough, the launch of Maltesers Teasers was the first major new product to roll off the production line since Mars Chocolate invested £6m into a state-of-the-art Research and Development facility in Autumn 2012. Maltesers Teasers have had a strong start to life and are available in both Single (35g, rrp 57p) and More to Share (150g, rrp £2.09).

Mars mixes it up
Mars has launched Mars Mix, to offer a bitesized version of its popular bar. Packed with soft nougat and chewy caramel balls covered in milk chocolate, Mars Mix is available in single as well as pouch format. The launch of follows a strong 2012 for the Mars brand, with Mars confident this new SKU will have consumers spending.

The price is right
Compelling research from him! shows that 76% of consumers buy PMPs some/most of the time and awareness of PMPs is high with the majority of shoppers believing them to be a promotion. Susan Nash, Trade Communications Manager at Mondelez International. says: “The research also shows that PMPs help consumers to feel confident they are not being overcharged when purchasing products. Furthermore, the majority of consumers think they are likely to continue purchasing the same amount of PMPs and over 20% think they may purchase more. PMP advantages also include time-saving, as they do not need labelling and can go straight on shelf, as well as their proven ability to increase impulse purchases, with 48% of consumers saying they would be encouraged to switch from their normal brand to purchase a PMP.”

So you want to grow confectionery sales? Here’s what to do…

  • Select the right range – within the confectionery category, the top 75 lines generate 85% of sales so it is crucial to get the main display right, especially when space is at a premium
  • Locate the bestsellers in the best sites – helps to grow the whole category
  • Multi-face the bestsellers – ensure the main display provides the best return; doubling up on popular ranges and delisting poor performers drives strong availability at all times
  • Group lines by product category – helps retailers to boost sales by appealing directly to the way that we know consumers shop
  • Site confectionery in areas of high traffic flow – appeals to the impulsiveness of shoppers and helps customers to find things easily and quickly
  • Create in-store theatre, draw attention to new products and highlight key promotions – to excite shoppers and bring in new customers
  • Tap in to current trends and seasonal or mini occasions – helps retailers boost consumer spending, especially as we know that consumers buy gifts and sharing products at these times in addition to their usual confectionery purchases.

Get in the Mix
Following quickly after the launch of Mars Mix comes Twix Mix – another addition to Mars’ bitesize range. Each 140g sharing pouch will contain caramel pieces and Twix biscuit bites, covered in milk chocolate.

With a £9m media spend throughout the year, and a national outdoor advertising campaign to mark the launch, the Twix brand will be highly visible throughout the year and retailers are advised to stock up on the full range. In particular, Mars Chocolate is advising retailers to make the most of the available in-store POS equipment to draw attention to bestselling favourites and exciting new product launches.

Nicola Lacey, Central Sales Director, Mars Chocolate UK commented: “Whilst heritage remains at the heart of the brand, at Mars Chocolate we also believe that innovation is crucial to driving forward the confectionery market. The launch of Twix Mix represents the perfect celebration of a much-loved product, reinvigorated for the Bitesize customer. As we continue to see consumers swapping their Big Night Out for a Big Night In, we have witnessed the incredible impact this has had on the confectionery market and in particular, on Bitesize products. Twix Mix offers retailers another great opportunity to tap into this trend with a brand that consumers already know and trust.”

Top 10 Singles

  • Mars
  • Nestle Kit Kat
  • Cadbury Twirl
  • Snickers
  • Wispa
  • Snickers Duo
  • Twix
  • Mars Duo Kingsize
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk
  • Crunchie Standard

Confusing sales
Skittles mixed things up earlier this year with a brand relaunch and the introduction of Skittles Confused – all of which are helping the brand to grow value sales by 17.2%.
Available in 55g bag and 175g pouch formats, the colour of the new Confused Skittle doesn’t match the flavour inside, surprising consumers and giving the brand a novel product to add to its range.

Sour power
Maynards Sour Patch Kids recently expanded its range with the launch of Soda Popz.
The latest additions to the range includes five colour and flavour offerings inspired by the flavours loved by young people – cola, orangeade, cherryade, tropical and apple fizz all bring a sour sensation, followed by a fruity flavour, ending on a sweet note – so one that’s going to prove popular with kids all summer long.

Sticking with tradition
For a different proposition, the Storck portfolio includes a number of popular household brands such as Werther’s Original, Bendicks, Toffifee and Riesen. The Werther’s Original brand is currently the market leader within Boilings with strong growth of 8.5%. This is primarily being driven by the strong range and continued heavyweight TV support, making it a must stock for retailers. Depending on shopper needs, Werther’s Original Butter Candies are available in two formats; the roll pack as a consumer’s on-the-go purchase, while the bag format is perfect for in the home consumption with family and friends as a sharing option.

Storck also operates within the sugar free confectionery market; Werther’s Original has created the nation’s favourite Butter Candies in a sugar-free version.


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