JTI keeps prices low for Kensitas Club

Kensitas Club outers

JTI has announced it is maintaining the low Recommended Retail Price on Kensitas Club Kingsize and Superkings.

Designed to support retailers and wholesalers and boost profit opportunities, both formats come with a RRP of £9.75, although retailers are free to sell both products at whatever price they choose.

JTI’s decision reflects consumer demand for Ultra Value RMC, which currently makes up 37.4% share of the RMC sector. This low RRP means retailers and wholesalers can make the most of a profitable opportunity with the fastest-growing cigarette brand in Scotland.

Mark McGuinness, Marketing Vice President at JTI UK, commented: “We understand that for many existing adult smokers, price plays a large role when choosing which brand to purchase. JTI’s decision to keep the RRPs low for Kensitas Club Kingsize and Superkings will allow retailers and wholesalers to tap into the Ultra Value RMC sector that accounts for a large portion of the RMC market. We’re confident that the new RRP will provide Scottish retailers and wholesalers with a fantastic opportunity to drive incremental sales and capitalise on over 100 years of success for the Kensitas Club brand.”

For more information on Kensitas Club RMC or the wider range of Kensitas Club family products, retailers should speak to their local JTI Sales Representative or call the help desk on 0800 163503. Retailers can also visit www.jtiadvance.co.uk for further information.