JTI Advance celebrates anniversary by giving away a prize a day

JTI Advance prizes

JTI Advance, the information and support site for tobacco retailers, is set to celebrate two milestones: its one year anniversary and reaching 14,000 registrations.

Providing retailers with training, quizzes, up-to-date fact guides, downloads and videos, the site is continually updated and has seen thousands of visits since its creation. More recent innovations have seen the introduction of a new online price list tool, which has already been used over 5,000 times and enables retailers to create their own compliant customer facing price list in line with Retail Display Ban legislation.

To show appreciation for its users JTI Advance is giving away a prize a day throughout September. Prizes include Apple Watches, iPads, Kindles, cameras, tobacco stock and more. To enter retailers should visit JTI Advance and share their business success stories with fellow retailers.

Lorna Clarke, Customer Marketing Manager Digital & Technology, commented: “JTI Advance grew significantly in 2014 to support retailers in the run up to the Retail Display Ban, so as we approach our first full year online we’re really excited to have so many retailers using the website for their businesses. We’re thrilled with the positive response that we’ve had from our trade partners and we anticipate that the success of the site will only continue to grow.”

“I use the site on average three times a week and would strongly encourage other retailers to really make the most of this resource that’s so readily available to them,” said retailer Neil Ramlagan. “I’ve always worked closely with my JTI Rep, but combining the sales team support with JTI Advance means that I’m always provided with the assistance that I need. It’s quick, easy and allows me to conduct my business with confidence.”