KitKat promo is for mugs

Joe the Mug

KitKat has kicked-off 2018 with a new promotion which attempts to link confectionery and hot drinks as the perfect break partners.

The campaign hinges around new character Joe the Mug, who is looking for the perfect partner to spend his drinks break with. Joe features in fresh media activity from KitKat, as well as taking centre stage in an on-pack promotion.

The promo gives consumers the chance to win one of 50,000 thermochromic Joe the Mugs. A code found on the inside of each promotional KitKat wrapper can be entered online to discover if it’s a winner. Each mug has a face on one side and – when hot water is added – a message from KitKat on the other revealing Joe’s favourite kind of break.

A new £1m social and digital media campaign supports the promotion, with teaser activity to introduce Joe the Mug up and running. This is on top of a £2.2m KitKat Masterbrand TV and cinema blitz, which is expected to be seen by 80% of the brand’s target audience at least six times.

The promotion runs across a number of KitKat SKUs, including 4 Finger singles, 4 Finger multipacks, Chunky singles, Chunky multipacks and 2 Finger multipacks.