Hot stuff from Heinz

Heinz  is launching a  new range of hot chilli sauces, in-store from October,  which are set to spice up mealtimes for chilli lovers all over the country.

The three Heinz Hot Sauces have been created to complement the flavours of consumers’ favourite foods – like pizza, pasta, stir fries, chicken and burgers – whilst adding an unmistakeable chilli kick to dishes in differing degrees.

With a RRP of £1.49, the range consists of three chilli flavours, each giving food full-on taste and tingle:


  • Chipotle & Garlic is a smokey, medium spiced sauce with a hint of garlic, perfect for marinating chicken or brightening burgers and ribs
  • Green Jalapeño is a hot-spiced sauce with a tangy, zesty taste which is described as great for spicing up salsa or giving an added kick to salads and pizzas
  • Yellow Habanero is a fiery hot yellow chilli sauce, the hottest varieties, and is ideal  poured on fajitas or splashed into stir fries. This sauce is complemented with a sweetness to balance its searing heat


Heinz has worked hard to source the quality ingredients and all three sauces contain chillies sourced from a single origin – Mexico – and in the case of Yellow Habanero, a single farmer’s co-operative.

The launch of the new range will be supported by a social media campaign to really help chilli lovers unite.   Each 150ml bottle features a unique QR code that will direct consumers to the Heinz Hot Sauces Facebook page ( encouraging chilli lovers to come together, provide recipe inspiration and special offers, supported by YouTube videos and Twitter conversation.

Emma Rumble, Senior Brand Manager at Heinz, said: “The launch of the new Heinz Hot Sauces range reflects our commitment to developing new and exciting products that respond to consumer trends.  We know people love spicy flavours and we’re confident that the taste and tingle (or fiery kick in case of the yellow habanero variant) of the sauces will liven up any mealtime! The QR codes on the labels are a great way of optimising brand interaction, particularly during dwell time in restaurants.  Consumers will be inspired by some delicious recipes from the Facebook page, as well as adding their own for other heat-seeking Heinz fans to enjoy.  And getting the product into people’s hands through sampling will be really important for us too.”

The launch of the new campaign will be supported by an integrated campaign, including digital activity, sampling and radio.

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